Initiatives and Services for the Elderly• To apply for the service, The service is flexible and attractive, with the provision of material incentives to increase the enrollees motivation towards joining the program
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The Foundation also works to provide many programs aimed at improving the services provided, such as:• Recreational and sport activities The The Social Care House is interested in different leisure and sports activities as it organizes some light indoor games such as walking and some suitable exercises.

Care for the elderly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Medical Care The House provides full medical care to every resident and opens a special medical file for him or her upon the knowledge of the house's doctor, with following up on patients, examining them, dispensing the necessary treatment for them, and supervising the house's pharmacy
5 مظاهر لإهمال كبار السن فاحذروها.. تعرض حياتهم للخطر
Professional activity The Social Care House provides handicraft and hobby opportunities to the disabled residents as a way to occupy their spare time
5 مظاهر لإهمال كبار السن فاحذروها.. تعرض حياتهم للخطر
The medical examination must prove that he or she is free from infectious, contagious, psychological or mental diseases that threaten his or her safety or cause danger to the rest of residents These homes aim to accommodate and care for every citizen, male or female, who reached sixty or more and is unable to carry out his or her own affairs, and his or her family and relatives do not have the means for that, in addition to take care of sick and elderly people without a breadwinner who are referred from hospitals, provided they are free of contagious and mental diseases
- Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing• Trying new activities and connecting with others tends to support a person psychologically and socially as they grow older To apply for the service,

Career changes, and the loss of loved ones are among the changes that contribute to the effects of mental health.

الجمعية السعودية لمساندة كبار السن
Avoid going to the mosque
الجمعية السعودية لمساندة كبار السن
- Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development• To apply for the service,
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The service is provided immediately without the need to review the notary
- General Organization for Social Insurance• Support for Retirees Through the Public Pension Agency, it provides distinguished services to retirees and its participants to improve pension systems and enhance the concept of governance He or she must be a Saudi national
The General Administration of Continuing Education is working to update the service link according to the departments holding the forum A discount card for medical services

Awjebna Our duty service provided by the Municipality of Makkah and Jeddah.

5 مظاهر لإهمال كبار السن فاحذروها.. تعرض حياتهم للخطر
الجمعية السعودية لمساندة كبار السن «وقار» تعقد اجتماعها الأول
The importance of healthy aging lies in its persistence
الجمعية السعودية لمساندة كبار السن «وقار» تعقد اجتماعها الأول
Conditions for accepting an elderly person in Social Care Houses• He or she must have reached the age of sixty or more, and his or her old age prevents him or her to work or carry out own affairs, and it is permissible to accept a person under the age of sixty if the social research proves the need to include him or her in the services of the Social Care house