30 Students were invited to attend the launch of the club and elect a president and board The students implemented a community initiative to create a greener environment through sustainable waste management
The team is expected to consist of 30 — 50 members all working on implementing entrepreneurial solutions to community problems and competing on a national and international level Frederiksberg: Copenhagen Business School CBS

Wadhwani Startup The center brought in a great partnership with Wadhwani Foundation to establish a unique startup club.

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Enactus The center is hosting at HU
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Oxford University Press Schumpeter, Joseph Alois 1976 How to Properly Close Your Business laison, Lena 2014
The club will work on creating a student-led program to raise awareness and engagement with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and practices We are expecting 25 teams of around 85 students to go through capacity building programs and a pitching competition

ISBN 978-0-415-10762-4 Thompson Heames, Joyce; Breland, Jacob W.

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