us to change the room with the one we wanted
different regions in Egypt a real pleasure! thank u and this will not be the last vacation with u we wanted to change our room and the staff was so cooperative and helped

miss Samar is very responsive.

Hawaii Caesar Dreams Resort and Aqua Park
read more One of the most enjoyable travel experiences I have ever had
احجز هاواي سيزر دريمز ريزورت آند أكوا بارك
the trip was from the start of the day of booking due to the package and good treatment in addition to the quality of service in the hotel
ذا جوس اي ليكود
Thank you for your professionalism , flexibility and commitment Thanking the company's employees for their selection of highly experienced employees as well as possessing the spirit of the assistant and good conduct, especially the Mr: Esraa for her interest in my journey throughout the journey on the way to follow up to solve any problem if found this is what is called professional in the field of work
I have highly appreciated the good quality of services and the flexibility of all the team members especially Mr

I highly recommend it for people planning to travel to.

هاواي دريم اكوا بارك
the food was very good, the bus supervisors were very cooperative and decent
هاواي دريم اكوا بارك
Egypt with no prior plans , you will be greatly surprised with a plan adapted to your preferences and budget
Hawaii Caesar Dreams Resort and Aqua Park