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It started off as a show that conducted social experiments in the streets of , which then Shomali would comment on through comedic monologues and skits that she wrote herself Retrieved 2019-04-01

Later in 2012, she founded her own production company which she called Filmizion Productions, and through the company, she created and starred in her first Web series titled Femaleshow.

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Shomali's success in Bath Bayakha led her to start her own production company in 2012 called Filmizion Productions
ما لا تعرفه عن تيما شوملي.. من هي؟ سيرتها الذاتية، إنجازاتها وأقوالها، معلومات عن تيما شوملي
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تيما الشوملي ديانتها عمرها زوجها والدها معلومات عنها وصور
Retrieved 2019-04-16 Working alongside the writer Shirin Kamal, the two writers created a full female cast drama series, that takes place in an all girls school and explores the ideas of revenge and bullying
After making her first short film, she applied to an MFA program at RSICA that started operating in Aqaba in 2008 com

Later, Shomali transformed Femaleshow into a fictional romantic comedy series about a couple's life through dating, engagement, marriage and pregnancy from a woman's point of you.

تيما الشوملي من الجيزة: مرحباً من أم الدنيا
called her " of the Arab world" during an interview with the young actress, in New York at the
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تيما الشوملي تكشف لـ أيمي روكو عن حقيقة وجود جزء ثاني من مسلسل مدرسة الروابي للبنات
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2018-04-25 Shomali gained thousands of followers on her social media pages Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and all her social media accounts were verified
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ما هي ديانة تيما الشوملي
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Tima Shomali
The show attracted more than 25 million viewers, and was rated as one of the top five web series to watch in the Arab region