Translation of Pisces in Arabic It is located in the north of Riyadh and is located in Al-'Olayya District
The tower weighs approximately 10,000 tons Other translations

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اسماء الابراج بالانجليزي
What is your zodiac sign? Shopping
الحوت بالانجليزي
It covers an area of approximately 50,000 square meters
ترجمة الابراج بالانجليزية واللاتيني
Sagittarius Zodiac
The size of whale sharks has been the subject of a number of more or less justified assertions If playback doesn't begin shortly
I'm a pisces, what are you? Copy link Other Apps

The total area on which this project is built is approximately 240,000 square meters.

الحوت برج بالانجليزي — برج الحوت بالانجليزي (pisces in english)، هو البرج الثاني
Physical description
موضوع عن الحوت بالانجليزي
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اسماء الابراج بالانجليزي
Pisces n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc