Know where your order is and trace it on your map! Guest accommodation sealed after cleaning• The hotel has an indoor pool and a 24-hour front desk and free WiFi excepting which vendor set that! Guest accommodation is disinfected between stays• Anything, Anytime, Anywhere This app is your one-click option to get any kind of delivery that you could possibly want! Just with a few clicks on your phone, you can now order food, buy grocer, get dessert and so much more delivered right to your doorstep! No more lugging and hauling things! 6 km from Dareen Mall and 2
Your Phone's your Shopping bag! Convenience It's super convenient to have a single app for all your delivery needs! ABOUT US The Entire Eatery Range At Your Fingertips Whatever you fancy, wherever you fancy, we have the entire range of cuisines available just for you to satisfy your hunger

Guests have the option to cancel any cleaning services for their accommodation during their stay• 5 km from Marina Mall Dammam.

سفرة فايزة
This app makes your smart phone a simple and effective shopping bag that will get you whatever you want quickly and easily
مطعم فتة وصنوبر
Cheap We all love cheap services! The nearest airport is King Fahd International Airport, 28 km from the accommodation
مطعم فتة وصنوبر الدمام (الأسعار+ المنيو+ الموقع)
Select the meal of your choice, from an eatery of your choice, at the date and time of your choice and hey presto, you will a five-star culinary experience in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are
Your wish is our command! Place your orders and watch them reach your doorstep instantly! Track it Real Time Track your order live! Get the best of everything through this ultimate delivery app! We know what you want and we make sure that you get it! Linens, towels and laundry washed in accordance with local authority guidelines• All you need is a smartphone and a finger! Instant Delivery Get your orders instantly! NO MINIMUM ORDER Don't worry if you want something really small? All rooms in the hotel are fitted with a flat-screen TV Use of cleaning chemicals that are effective against Coronavirus• The property is around 15 km from Khobar Lakes, 1


مطعم فتّه وصنوبر fatte w snobar ( الأسعار +المنيو +الموقع )
سفرة فايزة