When I first downloaded it, I had literally one request from the developers, which I contacted and requested, which was the need to add multiple bookmarks I highly recommend this app
I disliked the update in every way respectfully, from its zoomed in ayahs, translations and everything else After trying so many Quran reading apps, this is the keeper mashaAllah

Please return back to the old update and just add the reciters part jzk.

عدد صفحات القران الكريم واياته وصوره
Ayah is a modern, fully-featured Quran app that is beautiful and easy to use
عدد صفحات القران الكريم واياته وصوره
Sponsored by Tafsir Center Ayah's clean, intuitive interface makes for a relaxing reading experience without any visual clutter
You can customize how you want to listen to the quran to help you understand better For this app, I just had to
Completely different compared to the other quran apps, even though they are all good in their own way This was one of the best apps till the last what update

In the previous update all u had to do was press play and the ayah would play till the end of Surah which was perfect.

قائمة سور القرآن الكريم
Literally has every single feature I need, designed so well and thoughtfully
Tafsirs and translations in multiple languages• This app was known for its simplicity and that has been taken away from us in this update
يريد محمد ان يقرأ ۳/٥ من القرآن الكريم فاذا كان عدد صفحات المصحف ٦۰٤ صفحة فكم صفحة عليه ان يقرأ تقريبا
This is the app that I know most of you are looking for