Baker continued to influence celebrities more than a century after her birth It was almost a decade before U
Flappers: Six Women of a Dangerous Generation In preparation for her performances, she went through months of training with a vocal coach

She still continued to captivate audiences of all ages.

La Josefina (Boca del Rio)
In 2015 she was inducted into the in
La Josefina (Boca del Rio)
However, during his work on the Stork Club book, author and reporter Ralph Blumenthal was contacted by , one of Baker's sons
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«Petite bibliothèque Payot», Paris, 2001
Alexandre abandoned his family for over a year in a brief tryst and often frequented whorehouses, leading to a court-ordered separation during which Josephine and the children lived at Alexandre's expense in the , run by a group of Bernardian nuns Lucia, who entertain the conviction that Mademoiselle Tascher de La Pagerie, better known as Empress Josephine, was born in the island of and not Martinique as commonly supposed
The English nurseryman Kennedy was a major supplier, despite England and France being at war, his shipments were allowed to cross blockades An incident at the in October 1951 interrupted and overturned her plans

Josephine spent her early life at 212 Targee Street known by some St.

She became one of the leading collectors of different forms of art of her time, such as sculpture and painting
Josephine Solitaire
Josephine wanted to collect all known roses so Napoleon ordered his warship commanders to search all seized vessels for plants to be forwarded to Malmaison
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In her later career, Baker faced financial troubles
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In the book, he discusses at length the circumstances surrounding Baker's birth: The records of the city of St She visited the Salon to build relationships with contemporary artists

The general assumption is that she had about 250 roses in her garden when she died in 1814.

Napoleon learned of her death via a French journal while in exile on , and stayed locked in his room for two days, refusing to see anyone
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Members of the of , , , and and the also descend from her
La Cocina de Josefina Mexican Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips
The Château de Malmaison was noted for its , which she supervised closely