Normally the human eye responds to light rays from 390 to 760 nm
The human eye has the ability to respond to all the wavelengths of light from 400-700 nm Ohannesian, Lena; Streeter, Anthony 9 November 2001

Dash, Madhab Chandra; Dash, Satya Prakash 2009.

كيف ينتقل الضوء
Laufer, Gabriel 13 July 1996
هل تعلم كيف ينتقل الضوء؟!
Saidman, Jean 15 May 1933
خصائص الضوء: ينفذ عبر الخشب. ينتقل في خطوط مستقيمة
; Livingston, William Charles 2001
; Goyal, Madhuri 1 January 2000 Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press
This can be extended to a range of 310 to 1,050 nm under artificial conditions A continuous 1064 nm laser source appeared red, but a 1060 nm pulsed laser source appeared green, which suggests the presence of second harmonic generation in the retina

The foveal sensitivity to several near-infrared laser wavelengths was measured.

خصائص الضوء: ينفذ عبر الخشب. ينتقل في خطوط مستقيمة
[The visibility of the ultraviolet to the wave length of 3130]
خطة الدرس: خواص الضوء
It was found that the eye could respond to radiation at wavelengths at least as far as 1064 nm
ينفذ عبر الخشب. ينتقل في خطوط مستقيمة
This is called the visible part of the spectrum