The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket Watson and Holmes accept the credit for the cases solved
Nominations will be announced on June 2, with the winners revealed a few weeks later on June 21 This is the shortest run of any show this year, suggesting it was not an overwhelming success

Beginning March 8, he will oversee WFOR-TV, WBFS-TV, CBSMiami.

The Irregulars
However, as the real-life Prince Leopold died at the age of 30 as a result of his hemophilia, he may not be on the show for much longer
‘The Irregulars’ Review: Sherlock’s Supernatural Scoundrels
Recent non-limited series on Netflix that got renewed after making it to the top of the American Netflix charts include , Firefly Lane and
‘The Irregulars’: Sherlock Holmes Detective Drama Canceled At Netflix
I wondered if it was because I don't often read graphic novels - but I agree with reviews from people who obviously do: it's confusing, it's hard to tell who's speaking etc
The eight-part drama follows the adventures of a pack of troubled teens who are manipulated into solving crimes for the sinister Dr But how does The Irregulars end? Netflix Recently, for example, before its first season aired, months before it was officially given the go-ahead for Season 2 in late-January
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Though rare, other shows have reached the top spot and were still canceled after one season.

'The Irregulars' Canceled: Why Netflix Did Not Renew the Show for Season 2
I thought the tale was a poorly grafted together combination of Doyle and Lovecraft with a little Stargate thrown in the mix
'The Irregulars' Netflix Ending Explained: Season 1
The show starred Thaddea Graham, McKell David, Harrison Osterfield, Jojo Macari, and Darci Shaw as the titular gang, with Royce Pierreson playing Watson and Henry Lloyd-Hughes playing Sherlock Holmes
The Irregulars: How Billy Got His Scars
Even more mysterious, the crimes take on a supernatural edge and a dark power emerges — one that the Irregulars must come together to defeat
Despite an interesting idea, it has too many of the common flaws of Netflix original programming They accept his money happily
The Irregulars is streaming now on Netflix Away and The Irregulars have a key factor in common

We see Watson LET GO! In early March, the show featured in an issue of Production Weekly, an industry magazine that lists when movies and TV shows are set to go into production.

'The Irregulars' cancelled by Netflix after just one season
This early renewal for The Irregulars comes as part of heavy investment in the world of Sherlock Holmes on the part of Netflix
Netflix’s The Irregulars Succumbs to Some Pretty Regular Problems
Starting to film a season before it has been officially renewed has become a common practice on Netflix's biggest shows, as it allows them to shorten the gap between the release dates of the first and second seasons of shows
The Irregulars: Season 1
Here the focus is not on Holmes, but on the titular "Irregulars," that band of street ragamuffins he used as minor henchmen