Hyunjin is the tallest member of Stray Kids Right now, there has been no confirmation about when Hyunjin will be returning to the public eye, but fans want him back ASAP
First, I would like to apologize to everyone I offended with the way I spoke and behaved when I was still in school Stray Kids's Latest Korean Release Stray Kids' latest comeback is with the release of "In Life," the repackage version of their first Korean studio album, "Go Live

They all seem to be lost in thought, reminiscing their happy memories, as they all sit at different places looking gloomy.

JYPE updates fans on Stray Kids' Hyunjin & his upcoming schedule following bullying controversy
He is using an iPhone 12 Pro Gold
Stray Kids to Release a New Song
— His shoe size is 270 mm
JYP Entertainment Criticized for 'Shielding' Stray Kids Hyunjin, ITZY Lia amid Bullying Issues + Called Out for Contradicting Actions
His nicknames are Hyunie, I
" The statement went on to say that certain people JYP spoke with have "memories of that time are completely different from each other," and to ask the public not to spread rumors about the matter Share your thoughts and impressions with Pinkvilla in the comments below
Like Stray Kids Hyunjin, who admitted to school violence, still appeared on his own content without stopping his activities and is also signaling return, after the agency confirmed the group's comeback — inniebff it's hyunjin's handwriting — rere hwngjiny minho went into the room hyunjin was in and apparently waited? His hobbies are listening to music and dancing

He has sincerely apologised to those who were hurt and is doing his best so that those people can heal from those wounds.

Where Is Hyunjin? Stray Kids Fans Reach Out To JYP Entertainment For Answers
Find out more in the article! His favorite color is black and white
Stray Kids Hyunjin Complete Profile, Facts, and TMI
According to , Stray Kids' agency, JYP Entertainment, conducted their own investigation when the accusations first came to light
Stray Kids' Hyunjin Uploads Handwritten Apology Following Agency Statement About His Bullying Allegation
The person turned out to be a member of a cult