But they will meet deception he was chosen, and he was a messenger of Allah , a prophet
It may be that, in prayer unto my Lord, I shall not be unblest ﴾73﴿ And when Our clear revelations are recited unto them, those who disbelieve say unto those who believe: Which of the two parties yours or ours is better in position, and more imposing as an army? ﴾69﴿ Then We shall pluck out from every sect whichever of them was most stubborn in rebellion to the Beneficent

﴾82﴿ Nay, but they will deny their worship of them, and become opponents unto them.

تفسير ابن كثير/سورة مريم
Thy Lord saith: It is easy for Me, even as I created thee before, when thou wast naught
قراءة سورة مريم
﴾23﴿ And the pangs of childbirth drove her unto the trunk of the palm-tree
متن قرآن, سوره 19: مريم, آیه 1
﴾42﴿ When he said unto his father: O my father! ﴾47﴿ He said: Peace be unto thee! ﴾63﴿ Such is the Garden which We cause the devout among Our bondmen to inherit
﴾63﴿ Such is the Garden which We cause the devout among Our bondmen to inherit ﴾35﴿ It befitteth not the Majesty of Allah that He should take unto Himself a son
Oh, give me from Thy presence a successor ﴾6﴿ Who shall inherit of me and inherit also of the house of Jacob You can read Surah Maryam with English Translation and download mp3 Surah Maryam in your mobile and WhatsApp with voice of Surah Maryam Recited by Abdul Basit Abdul Samad

I have vowed a fast unto the Beneficent, and may not speak this day to any mortal.

متن قرآن, سوره 19: مريم, آیه 1
Unto Him belongeth all that is before us and all that is behind us and all that is between those two, and thy Lord was never forgetful - ﴾65﴿ Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them! ﴾19﴿ He said: I am only a messenger of thy Lord, that I may bestow on thee a faultless son
Surah Maryam With English Translation Of سورة مريم
He was ever gracious unto me
تفسير ابن كثير/سورة مريم
I fear my kinsfolk after me, since my wife is barren