The campaign received a volunteer response of more than 5,000 participants and members of 45 different volunteer groups who collectively collected 125 tons of garbage In this manner, Alnowair and Bareec became the first two non-profit organisation became the only two NGOs from Kuwait to have presented their work to the United Nations
She has been a member of the Kuwaiti Journalists Association and the Federation of Arab Journalists since 2015 The book was Illustrated by

2017: Won the Arab Woman Award 2017 - Achievement in Community Development for the community-building organisation Alnowair by the Arab Women Organization AWO.

الشيخة الكويتية انتصار الصباح تبكي بعد انفجار بيروت خوفاً على مستقبل الكويت.. هذا ما قاله صديقها اللبناني لها؟!
She previously served as a board member at Refrigeration Industries and Storage Company SAK , the Faculty of Social Sciences at , the Consultative Board of the Bureau in Kuwait for the year 2014, and the Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and their Habitats K-Path
الجمعه...تكريم الشيخة إنتصار الصباح رئيسة المؤتمر العربي الدولى لإحياء التراث.
Bareec [ ] Bareec is an educational programme developed on the basis of scientific research in the field of positive psychology to establish a positive learning environment in schools
سفيرة النوايا الحسنة الشيخة انتصار الصباح تزور الجامعة الهاشمية وتقدم محاضرة للطلبة أولي الضرر
2012: World Association of News Publishers• Publishing [ ] Intisar published two books, "The Alchemy of Wisdom", an art book featuring 48 Kuwaitis, and "Kuwait in 400 Years", a book that documents the history of Kuwait
Early life [ ] Sheikha Intisar AlSabah was born on September 12, 1964, in , Kuwait Awards and recognition [ ]• In 2018, the Supreme Council for Planning and Development SCPD included the Bareec initiative in the human development plan of New Kuwait Vision 2035 under the slogan "New Kuwait"
father Website Sheikha Intisar AlSabah born 12 September 1964 is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, film producer, columnist and a princess of the , the ruling family of Kuwait

In January 2021, Intisar took part in a meeting at the in New York which was organised in celebration of the UN.

السيرة الذاتية للشيخة انتصار الصباح
Alnowair [ ] On 19 September 2020, Intisar and the Alnowair team organised a community-based environmental campaign at the beach in , Kuwait, to mark the
انتصار الصباح: «النوير» و«بريق» في خطة التنمية «كويت 2035»
She is the founder of social enterprises Prismologie, Intisars, Ebbarra; not-for-profit organisations Alnowair and Bareec; and charitable organisation Intisar Foundation, which operates according to the ' SDGs
Intisar Salem Al Ali Al Sabah
The United Nations [ ] In 2014, Intisar was appointed member of the consultative board of the bureau in Kuwait