Retrieved April 20, 2021 Maggie's group brings their horde to Meridian, where Leah grows disgusted with Pope's callous disregard for the lives of the Reapers after one Reaper is killed by the disguised group among the horde
Retrieved September 8, 2021 At this point, he and Carol Melissa McBride are kind of the parents of this show, having survived since the very beginning

Daryl and Dog find the wounded Roy, and Daryl makes his way back to the group, helping them escape the horde lured by Gage.

Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2 Release Date Revealed In New Trailer
Mercer is convinced and allows the group to complete their processing; a woman is brought forth, introducing herself as Stephanie
[VIDEO] The Walking Dead: Final Season 11 Part 2 Premiere Date/Trailer
Retrieved July 24, 2020
[VIDEO] The Walking Dead: Final Season 11 Part 2 Premiere Date/Trailer
It also premiered a week early on August 15, 2021, on and each episode of the season will be made available a week before its broadcast date
For 12 consecutive years, the series has remained the No It is no longer No Man Left Behind
World Beyond and already exist, and it's also been confirmed that we're getting a Daryl and Carol spinoff and with Michonne Retrieved September 13, 2021

The cast and crew talk about the original series, coming back with The Return of the Incredible Hulk, and riding that success through The Trial of The Incredible Hulk before wrapping up the trilogy with The Death of The Incredible Hulk.

'The Walking Dead' Season 11 Debut Down From 2019 Opener
On , the season holds a score of 81% with an of 6 out of 10, based on 97 reviews
The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Just Zombie Smashed Into SDCC 2021
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The Walking Dead season 11 release date, cast and more
As a test arranged by Pope, Daryl and Leah are locked inside a shed by Pope's men, who proceed to burn it to the ground; the two manage to escape