2 When we take the whole verse into consideration, we see that "Ask the People of the Reminder if you do not know" is related to the first part of the verse, which they deliberately omit 16:43 and 21:7 are both repetition of the same verse
Swahili - Al-Barwani : Nasi hatukuwatuma kabla yako ila watu wanaume tulio wapa Wahyi Ufunuo Basi waulizeni wenye ukumbusho kama nyinyi hamjui• The correct meaning is strikingly apparent when reading the actual verse "Ahl-Azzikr" is another name for the "Ahl-Al Kitab People of the Book ", the Jews and the Christians

people who possess Admonition" are the scholars of the people of the Books and others, who, though not scholars in the strict sense had sufficient knowledge of the teachings of the revealed Books and were acquainted with the stories of the former Prophets.

وما أرسلنا من قبلك إلا رجالا نوحي إليهم ۚ فاسألوا أهل الذكر إن كنتم لا تعلمون
He also reveals to us that the Qur'an can be understood when any person sincerely thinks over its verses: "We clarify the verses for a people who reflect
وقفات مع القاعدة القرآنية: فسألوا أهل الذكر
A Guide for those who guard against evil
القرآن الكريم
So where is this verse which so many people repeat? Somali - Abduh : waxaan dirray hortaa Rag aan u waxyoonay ee warsada kuwa cilmiga leh haddaydaan wax ogayn• " Qur'an 10:24 and that the Qur'an is easy to comprehend and follow: "We have made the Qur'an easy to understand and remember: will anyone take heed? Immediately, they will plead their lack of qualifications and cite how difficult it is to properly understand the Qur'an without resorting to other sources
Melayu - Basmeih : Dan tidaklah Kami mengutus Rasulrasul sebelummu wahai Muhammad melainkan dari kalangan orangorang lelaki yang Kami wahyukan kepada mereka Oleh itu bertanyalah kamu wahai golongan musyrik kepada orangorang yang berpengetahuan ugama jika kamu tidak mengetahui• Allah continuously orders people to take the Qur'an as a personal guide and asks everyone to think over its message for themselves 1023 by Software602 Producer Amyuni PDF Converter version 4
" Qur'an 21:6-7 The underlined portion is what they say they quote doc Author Creator Print2PDF 8


تفسير « فاسألوا أهل الذكر إن كنتم لا تعلمون »
" Qur'an 2:2 "These are the verses of the wise Book
One of these is where the Qur'an allegedly says, "Ask those who know"
" Qur'an 31:2-3 Despite Allah continuously reminding people of this fact, people do not take the Qur'an as the guide and know very little about the Qur'an
Allah tells us in many places of the Qur'an, that the Qur'an is a guide for the individual person But who are " Ahl-Azzikr People of the Reminder " mentioned in the verse? In conclusion, 1 The verse does not say "Ask those who know" it says "Ask the People of the Reminder", which is referring to the People of the Book - this phrase has been taken out of context of the verse and also erroneously translated by them as "Ask those who know" to meet their objectives
It does not say "Ask those who know" English - Sahih International : And We sent not before you except men to whom We revealed [Our message] So ask the people of the message if you do not know• ", we notice that this verse is speaking of previous messengers who were sent with Scriptures, and it points out that they were ordinary human beings

But they invented Monasticism - We did not ordain it for them, only that they should seek Allah's good pleasure - and even so, they did not observe it properly.

Indonesia - Bahasa Indonesia : Dan Kami tidak mengutus sebelum kamu kecuali orangorang lelaki yang Kami beri wahyu kepada mereka; maka bertanyalah kepada orang yang mempunyai pengetahuan jika kamu tidak mengetahui• "Ask Those Who Know" - Where is it in the Qur'an? A person who has fallen into this trap will cite quotes he has heard or read which are said to be from the Qur'an in order to justify his stance on the Qur'an
القرآن الكريم
中国语文 - Ma Jian : 在你之前,我只派遣了我所启示的一些男子。
تفسير قوله تعالى
Therefore, verses 16:43 and 21:7 do not order the believer to resort to clergy in order follow the Qur'an, they are far from meaning this