As you can see I do not recommend going to this hotel Royal Tulip Eilat Hotel Eilat• Also parking was hard, only a couple dozen spots and first come first serve
Hotel was very loud during check in It is important to note that everything said here was passed to Carmel, a Torah manager and Little from the hotel's customer service department who understood with the intention that she was probably also aware of the defamatory situation at the hotel and Chipra at dinner that day and the next day

I am talking about the level of cleanliness only!!! A burgundy curtain with white spots on it.

מלון לאונרדו רויאל ריזורט אילת מחירים
From the moment we entered the hotel there was a problem providing the rooms and so on
מלון לאונרדו רויאל ריזורט
The hotel has a non-standard level of cleanliness to say the least in my opinion!! Leonardo Royal Resort Hotel Eilat• The bed skirt is stained
מלון לאונרדו רויאל ריזורט אילת
I will never come to this hotel and not for free!!! "To our surprise" on the buoyancy was a band-aid with glued blood washed and dried together
Feel the need to tell you about my and my family's vacation experience at the Leonardo Royal Resort from the Fattal hotel chain in Eilat The hotel had special treats and candy out every night which was fun
Leonardo Royal Resort Hotel Eilat Eilat• Young people sitting in the pool and smoking cannabis, probably the smell of cannabis drove even the kids crazy, which did not bother the hotel staff! The staff member Lilach was warm and sweet I wish the pool was heated

I'm not talking about a room I got late For another room they sent me a message that was ready and for which I left the mall, only when I arrived I was told that the message was sent by mistake and the room is not ready, for not preparing the room for a couple plus 2 by reservation, for bedding changed for the second time during the stay.

מלון לאונרדו רויאל ריזורט אילת
Turns out I'm not the first and probably not the last to have anything to say about it! The swimming pool was fine but noisy
מלון לאונרדו רויאל ריזורט אילת מחירים
The door handle is loose
חבילות עיסוי בספא לה ויטה, מלון לאונרדו ריזורט אילת
The floor of the room is sticky
The minute we came inside we noticed a leftover food and a baby pacifier on the floor Not to mention the level of hygiene And it all came after the guest had cleaned up a few minutes before Outside the rooms - an elevator with a horrible smell, mirrors and dirty doors! Hair not cleaned on the balcony
The walls in the room are peeling, The furniture is peeling, The look of the closet with fingerprints that apparently missed it in cleaning, The porch door is dirty and the opening part is probably sticky from the fingers of children who have been there before, Contaminated refrigerator!!! Kids club was great very welcoming kids loved going and we loved having adult time Leonardo Royal Resort Hotel Eilat Hotel Eilat• It was winter so too cold to get in the water but kids enjoyed playing in the the not too hot tub

The pool chairs are dirty and smeared with ketchup that has dried out because they are not cleaned.

בית מלון לאונרדו רויאל ריזורט אילת 4 כוכבים
Room was a very tight squeeze and was not accessible with the luggage which is a problem I never had that in a hotel
חבילות עיסוי בספא לה ויטה, מלון לאונרדו ריזורט אילת
יו ספלאש ריזורט
Location was good walkable to nice restaurants and beach and boardwalk