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In February, Harris spoke in opposition to Trump's cabinet picks for and for On June 12, reported that Harris was emerging as the frontrunner to be Biden's running mate, as she was the only African American woman with the political experience typical of vice presidents

Reform efforts Death penalty Harris has said life imprisonment without parole is a better and more cost-effective punishment than the , and has estimated that the resultant cost savings could pay for a thousand additional police officers in San Francisco alone.

أغنى السياسيين في أمريكا.. تعرف على ثروة كامالا هاريس
for ninety days, she condemned the order and was one of many to describe it as a "Muslim ban"
كامالا هاريس تحطم الحواجز.. أول سيدة في هذا المنصب الرفيع!
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Kamala Harris
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In July, Harris teamed with to urge the to investigate the allegations of by the ; in this question she was joined by colleague Vice presidential campaign Campaign logo for the Biden—Harris ticket In May 2019, senior members of the endorsed the idea of a Biden—Harris ticket

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Kamala Harris
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طائرة كامالا هاريس تجبر على الهبوط بسبب خلل تقني
كامالا هاريس.. تاريخ مثير لامرأة استثنائية
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