May God grant you pardon and mercy You kept me from hardships and errors in my own ways
I never give up because you never did Dad, you certainly have made me to become the best person that I am today, Thank you! Daddy, I would never find a gift that could measure to the love that you have given me

Dad, as the years pass, I realize more and more just how lucky I am, and have always been, to have a Dad as wonderful as you.

كلمات عن الاب المتوفي
كلمات عن عيد الأب
You are the best father in the world a lot different
احلى كلام عن الاب
You truly are the best father in the world and I look up to you for everything
Thank you, Dad, for showing me that hard work always pays off Thank you Dad for giving me the kind of love that made all the difference, throughout my life
Birthday wishes and dreams have been all reserved for you today, daddy! You are a source of pride for us, Dad May the blessing for Allah always shine on you Happy Eid• Happy Bday to you and thank you for the unconditional love

Today is the best and greatest birthday of the world, happy birthday, my father.

كلام حلو لابي
And you are with us in your good spirit every year
كلام عن اليوم العالمي للاب جميل جداً في وصف الأب
Happy Eid Mubarak, and you are all the best• Every year and every day, you are the most precious human, my dear father
كلام عن الأب أجمل كلمات عن الأب الحنون
Daddy, no matter how much I have grown, I will always be your little girl