Sadi Mrabet August 16, 2019 ] not only pornographic recordings, but the most horrific recordings in the history of humanity
[The case of 'Hajj Tabet': This is how public opinion got the infamous police commissar in Morocco executed] in Arabic Rumors claimed that Tabet used his position to cover-up his crimes, and his colleagues in the police force often destroyed any pertinent evidence to prevent charges being brought against him

Early life [ ] Mohammed Mustafa Tabet was born in 1949, in the city of.

المغرب: قضية “الحاج ثابت” .. هكذا أعْدمَ الرّأي العام أشهر “كوميسير” بالمغرب
Trial, conviction and execution [ ] At his trial, Tabet was charged with rape, human trafficking, incitement, kidnapping and attacking 500 women in his apartment over a 3-year period
قصة أخر حكم إعدام نفذ في المغرب..الحاج ثابت الذي وثق اغتصابه لمئات النساء
The case became one of the most egregious examples of police corruption in the country, as Tabet used his status to dismiss and cover-up evidence of his crimes
أزيـــــلال 24 _ الحاج ثابت: قصة العميد الممتاز الذي أرعب نساء الدار البيضاء...أزيد من500 امرأة..
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He would eventually be convicted, sentenced to death and subsequently executed by in 1993 However, he had also gained infamy with the locals due to the numerous complaints lodged against him, predominantly by young women and girls, that he had approached them in his car, kidnapped and raped them at his apartment on Abdallah Ben Yassine Street
Arifi By 1989, he had attained the rank of police chief of Casablanca, had married twice and had a total of five children

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المغرب: قضية “الحاج ثابت” .. هكذا أعْدمَ الرّأي العام أشهر “كوميسير” بالمغرب
Executed Moroccan serial rapist Mohammed Mustafa Tabet 1949 — September 5, 1993 , known by his nickname Hajj Tabet, was a and former police commissioner who was involved in the kidnapping, rapes and assaults of more than 500 women in his apartment from 1986 to 1993
رجل أمن آخر يخرج عن صمته في قضية ثابت:هذه علاقتي بالسيدة القنبلة التي اتهمت ثابت باغتصابها
Arrest and investigation [ ] In 1993, the 44-year-old Tabet was arrested at his apartment by the on charges of kidnapping, illegal deprivation of liberty and rape, after a woman working in sent a letter to the Court of Appeals
قصة أخر حكم إعدام نفذ في المغرب..الحاج ثابت الذي وثق اغتصابه لمئات النساء
During the arrest and the raid of his apartment, police found 118 video tapes documenting Tabet abusing his victims