CABI — Invasive Species Compendium "Molecular phylogeny and revised classification of the haplotilapiine cichlid fishes formerly referred to as "Tilapia ""
"A new cichlid fish in the Sahara: The Ounianga Serir lakes Chad , a biodiversity hotspot in the desert" "Annotated checklist for fishes of the Main Nile Basin in the Sudan and Egypt based on recent specimen records 2006-2015 "

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البلطي الزيلي
"Moroccan desert rivers: fish on the arid extreme of Mediterranean streams"
فوائد واضرار السمك البلطي
"Swimming out of Africa: mitochondrial DNA evidence for late Pliocene dispersal of a cichlid from Central Africa to the Levant"
تغذية أسماك البلطى والمبروك والبورى
"Hybridization between Two Introduced, Substrate-Spawning Tilapias Pisces: Cichlidae in Florida"
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
"Epiplatys bifasciatus Steindachner, 1881 Nothobranchiidae and Hemichromis fasciatus Peters, 1852 Cichlidae , two relict fish species in the Sahara desert" Ecological Research in the Lake Kinneret and Hula Valley Israel Ecosystems


سمك، سمك البلطي سمك المشط، نيء: اكتشفوا القيمة الغذائية والسعرات الحرارية
صيد سمك البلطي
فوائد واضرار السمك البلطي