The captain ordered the Vulture to drop back out of range of American guns He did, however, investigate its extent, and suggested that he was willing to exchange André for Arnold during negotiations with General Clinton concerning André's fate
גם למעלה מ-200 שנים לאחר התרחשות האירועים, דמותו עדיין נחשבת בתרבות האמריקאית כשם נרדף ל ב- הועמד לפרס הבפט"א לשחקן המשנה הטוב ביותר על הופעתו במיני סדרה "עיר קטנה" ושיחק בדרמה "המצאה" בתפקיד מגלה הארצות המפורסם ג'וזף דלטון הוקר

He sent an Indian messenger into the camp of British Brigadier General with news that the approaching force was much larger and closer than it actually was; this convinced St.

בנדיקט קמברבאץ'
In 1764, he formed a partnership with Adam Babcock, another young New Haven merchant
‫בנדיקט, תל
Arnold commanded the army only until 20 May, when arrived with the southern army and took over
בנדיקט קמברבאץ'
On 13 August, Schuyler dispatched him with a force of 900 to relieve the , where he succeeded in a ruse to lift the siege
One colonel wrote to Clinton concerning Arnold: "There are many officers who must wish some other general in command הסרט הפך לסרט המרוויח ביותר בקטגוריית סרטי פתיחה של דמות יחידה ב
On his return to New York in June, Arnold made a variety of proposals for attacks on economic targets to force the Americans to end the war סוסו נורה בזמן שכינס את חייליו, ונפל על רגלו הפצועה

באנדרטת הניצחון בסרטוגה יש ארבע גומחות, בשלוש מהן פסלים של הגנרלים גייטס, סקיילר ומורגן.

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There are plaques on the grounds of the at commemorating all of the generals who served in the Revolution
‫בנדיקט, תל
His actions included the in 1775, defensive and delaying tactics at the on in 1776 which allowed American forces time to prepare New York's defenses, the , Connecticut after which he was promoted to major general , operations in relief of the , and key actions during the pivotal in 1777, in which he suffered leg injuries that halted his combat career for several years
בנדיקט קמברבאץ'
A commonly accepted story that he deserted from militia service in 1758 is based on uncertain documentary evidence
כמו כן קמברבאץ' זכה בפרס על הופעתו בסדרה ובפרס ועל הופעתו במיני סדרה ""
כאשר סוכלה המזימה, נמנע ארנולד מהמאסר הצפוי לו על ידי בריחה לכיוון הכוחות הבריטיים Especially galling was a long feud with the civil authorities in Philadelphia which led to his court-martial

In 1763, he repaid money that he had borrowed from the Lathrops, repurchased the family homestead that his father had sold when deeply in debt, and re-sold it a year later for a substantial profit.

‫בנדיקט, תל
ב- גילם קמברבאץ' את דמותו של בסרט "מלחמת הזרמים" The Current War
‫בנדיקט, תל
Congress investigated his accounts, however, and concluded that he was indebted to Congress, and he borrowed heavily to maintain a lavish lifestyle
בנדיקט ארנולד
Arnold escaped; André was hanged