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, "It wasn't as if we had a hit single and we needed to build some filler around it

In the 1960s several well-regarded concept albums were released by various rock bands, which eventually led to the invention of and.

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Threatened with redundancy in the digital era, albums have fought back by becoming more album-like
the phrase 'concept album' is inextricably tied to the late 1960s, when began stretching the limits of their art form
A concept album is an whose hold a larger purpose or meaning collectively than they do individually If this term refers to albums that have thematic unity and development throughout, then in reality there are probably fewer concept albums than one might first think
of names ' 1966 as the first concept album: "Written entirely by , the songs were supposed to be linked by pieces of music, so that the album would play without gaps, but the record company baulked at such radicalism [He was the] first pop singer to bring a consciously artistic attitude to recording

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in the wake of these albums, many rock musicians took up "the complete album approach
Pepper, was "very much a concept album, but The Beatles effortlessly stole his thunder", and subsequently Sgt