Duetto laser hair removal device is one of the innovative and highly efficient hair removal devices The laser beam penetrates about 2 mm of the epidermis, raising the temperature of the hair follicle to 70 degrees Celsius
Stop using topical preparations such as creams and moisturizers on the day of the session What is a duet laser hair removal device? The Duetto Laser is produced by Lumenis, an American company that is a world leader in the field of medical and cosmetic laser devices

Tips after a duet laser hair removal session• The device relies on two different laser technologies, namely, the Alexandrite laser and the inclusion laser.

المركز الاختصاصي الطبي الاول ( الرياض )
Hair follicles are targeted deep in the skin layers by directing laser beams on them
فعالية جهاز دويتو ليزر ومميزاته
Infection with bacterial and viral skin infections
المركز الاختصاصي الطبي الاول ( الرياض )
Duetto laser hair removal device is suitable for all skin types, and all hair types
Irritation and redness of the skin are temporary, and usually disappear several hours after the end of the session Treatment of vascular lesions, such as hemangiomas, telangiectasias, leg veins, and other benign vascular lesions
For people with sensitive skin, for whom regular hair removal methods cause irritation and redness of the skin This high heat causes damage to the hair follicles and removes hair, without causing any damage to neighboring cells


جهاز الدويتو ليزر
Do not be exposed to chlorinated water to avoid skin irritation
جهاز الدويتو ليزر
Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not be exposed to the Duetto laser hair removal device, to avoid any risks to the fetus or infant
جودة عالية lightsheer يزر ديود
Also, the effectiveness of the device on dark skin is not good enough