The album creatively mixes music genres Fares's third studio album "Bet'oul Eh", was released in April 2008
In 2010, Myriam starred in her own TV show, "Fawazir Myriam", during which she performed dance routines and comedy skits for 30 episodes Moukanoh Wein Min Oyouni [ ]• Ya Alem Bil Hal Nadini [ ]• Khalani music instrumental Aman [ ]• Fares made her acting debut with Itiham released in 2014

She was very secretive about her pregnancy and made sure no one knew about it until the day she announced it.

ميريام فارس ترقص على أنغام غدارة يا دنيا بفيديو عفوي.. وتُطلق هذا التحدي
ميريام فارس على نتفليكس… هل هو حقاً وثائقي؟
The ceremony took place in
Waheshni Eih Bet'oul Eih [ ]• Two other songs of the Album "Bet'oul Eh" are "Betrouh", and "Iyyam EL Shiti" were shot as music videos in Paris incarnating cinematographic ideas under Smayara's direction
On the 28th of October 2020, Fares announced the birth of a boy, Dave, that was born on October 20, 2020 via an Instagram post It was announced that they are expecting a child on 6 October 2015
Later that year, she performed live in Disney's musical in the , playing the role of Tinkerbell The show received largely positive reviews for her dance performances and elaborate multicultural choreography

Fares's fourth studio album "", was released on 1 September 2011.

جايدن ميريام فارس يغار من شقيقه؟
On 6 February 2016, Fares announced the birth of a boy, Jayden, via an Instagram post
Personal life [ ] Fares, born in , , married Lebanese American businessman Danny Mitri in August 2014 after 10 years of dating, and are still married to this day
ميريام فارس ترقص على أنغام غدارة يا دنيا بفيديو عفوي.. وتُطلق هذا التحدي
Maarafsh Had Bel Esmi Da• She has released 5 studio albums to date, with several chart-topping singles including her debut "Ana Wel Shou", "Nadini", "Moukanah Wein", "Mosh Ananiyya", "Eih Elli Byohsal", and "Nifsi A'oulhalak"