The registration process for any Omani joining work for an employer in any of the GCC states requires from the employer to pay the contribution for the Omani employee If it is not possible to transfer periods of service, the insured shall be entitled to receive an end of service benefit
Under the provisions of this scheme, a committee comprising the ministry of finance, the Public Authority for Social Insurance and other sides will be formed and the decision will specify the specializations and roles of these sides When the scheme was formed, the match between the value of the benefit and the contributions was considered

Recent medical report that should not be older than 6 months from the date of its issuance; showing the fitness of applicant to work.

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If the contribution of employer in the country of place of work is less than 10
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1 Filling out the unified form of the Insurance Protection Extension
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5 The employee shall not be a retiree of any government unit
Fill out the registration details and upload the documents 2 The employee shall be employed abroad or working in any of the embassies or consulate of the Sultanate
True copy of the valid ID card or passport It is known that this scheme is applied in many countries in the world as it is one of the branches of social protection

Bank statement if high-income bracket is selected.

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The employer in the units of the administrative apparatus of the State is obliged to pay the stated contributions in this scheme at the end of each month to the account of the scheme in the Public Authority for Social Insurance
Social Insurance Organization
You will receive a notification of your registration, the amount of monthly payable contribution and the account number of the said scheme
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It is to be known that the scheme will be studied and evaluated in the coming period and the value of the benefit and its period will be revisited