These, in turn, affect access to resources such as land, credit, information and training This focus area contributes to the following One CGIAR impact areas: Environmental sustainability Population pressure and increasing water competition in a changing climate require us to take stock of the availability and use of water across scales
This focus area contributes to the following One CGIAR impact areas: Adaptive scaling and partnerships The ability of farmers to engage in or expand irrigation depends on the prevailing socioeconomic, ecological and political contexts, which are often complex, non-linear and changeable We also look at ways to and nutrient use efficiency and reduce evapotranspiration through and agricultural extension

IWMI uses a systemic approach to understand the farming system as well as the factors in the enabling environment that prevent women, men and youth from engaging in and benefitting equitably from farmer-led irrigation.

Institute of Public Administration
IWMI works with farmers and public and private sector partners to co-design and pilot , influence policies and accelerate the transition to scale of innovations with demonstrated early impact
International Water Management Institute (IWMI) : A water
We also help to identify gaps in the financing ecosystem and de-risk the private sector from that take into account farming system typologies, financial and social capital and crop seasonality
International Water Management Institute (IWMI) : A water
We support the with the aim of sharing scaling experiences and realizing win-win collaboration, interactive learning and capacity development
To address this issue, IWMI works with farmers, private companies, finance institutions and to analyze whether credit-scoring tools are inclusive The Chartered Management Institute CMI is the Chartered Body for Management and Leadership
Other modalities for capacity development include hackathons, With our private sector partners, we are leveraging converging technologies, such as sensors on solar pumps that capture usage data, to encourage better resource management and governance

We are the only organisation that can award Chartered Manager status, the highest accolade for managers and leaders.

Institute of Public Administration
Other ways we include tackling agency issues around financial management and literacy, livelihood diversity and social capital as well as access to infrastructure, extension services and market linkages
International Water Management Institute (IWMI) : A water
IWMI carries out in policy, financing, livelihood assets and access, institutional approaches and interventions as well as gender-based technology preferences
We partner with farmers and the public and private sectors to test contextually relevant innovation bundles that combine irrigation technology such as like pay-as-you-own or pay-as-you-go, agricultural inputs and agronomic techniques
This means diverse actors feed off, adapt to, support, cooperate, compete and interact with each other, forming different multi-actor networks and engaging in collective action to undertake various functions in the scaling ecosystem This focus area contributes to the following One CGIAR impact areas: Human capacity development and knowledge exchange Scaling farmer-led irrigation requires strengthening human capacity and knowledge exchange among all actors and stakeholders involved
Social, cultural and religious norms influence inter- and intra-household power relations Overcoming systemic barriers to farmer-led irrigation development while taking advantage of existing opportunities

For over 70 years, we have worked with business and education to inspire people to become skilled, confident and successful managers and leaders.

These are complemented by multi-criteria analysis to evaluate the potential of irrigation expansion, taking into consideration environmental flows
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In several countries, irrigation equipment suppliers are stepping in to provide financing directly to farmers
In doing so, they increase their own risk