Years ago, Krypton was about to explode and Kal-El was sent to Earth to escape that fate [Winn pats Barry's shoulder] :
Years later, Kara Danvers is a young professional adrift in a thankless job until a fateful crisis ignites a sense of purpose using Kryptonian powers she had long hidden Because it may be fantasy but you still should believe it


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Now with such help, the Maid of Might takes her place as Earth's newest champion with new friends and enemies challenging her world
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HOWEVER, I am still to see better better flying in a movie that isn't from Supergirl
Supergirl (1984)
Upon her arrival, she becomes just a powerful and Super as her cousin, but encounters dangerous battles and unexpected obstacles when a mean spirited woman who practices rituals of the occult takes the power source for herself, and uses it to cause destruction and attempt zenith human status When the fact is there is a more gentile apraoch to this film, sourcery, love and lots of imaginative things wich make it very unique to the superhero genre
Because firstly you need rules, and even more so in fantasy movies

However, his older cousin, Kara, was also intended to accompany the infant as his protector.

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Many people saw Supergirl and did not expect to see many of the things they saw
Supergirl (TV Series 2015–2021)
: He doesn't have to be
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I love most Superhero movies and TV Shows so I thought I'd give this a chance and I'm glad I did because I really do enjoy it
unlike the Superman movies where you simply feel "yes, he's super On its DVD release there are more visual flaws then I saw on its video release wich is surprising


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The special FX are wonderfull and were advanced for its time, many in the movie even to today's standards
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Unlike Supermans blue screen FX and the highly inspireing fair ground scenes
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