[ ] Gazzaz's first business, a small counter in the hallway of Bab Ziyadah in , was established in 1942 , Nationality Occupation Businessman Owner of Spouse s Suraya Hussein Bakry Gazzaz 1925 — 7 January, 2021 was a who founded the chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Gazzaz gained experience and insight into diverse and through his employment within the Ministry of Finance

As of May 2012, there were 35 Gazzaz Department Stores in KSA.

حسين بكري قزاز
History [ ] Gazzaz attended Tah'deer El Be'that school; however, he left school at the age of 13 to pursue employment
سبب وفاة حسين بكري قزاز اشهر تاجر عطور في السعودية
Gazzaz also worked for 2 years within the Saudi
الشيخ حسين بكري قزاز
The company holds distribution rights for several well known luxury watchmakers such as , , , ,
[Hussein Bakry Gazzaz] in Arabic [Sheikh Hussein Bakry Gazzaz talks about his memories to the famous people interviewer Adnan Al-Kateb] in Arabic
In 1946, Gazzaz expanded his business to import well known brands of perfumes, making his company one of the first importers of perfumes in Saudi Arabia, at first he owned the rights to distribute French fragrance and Ca Train De Paris [Hussein Bakry Gazzaz] in Arabic


حسين بكري قزاز
وداعا للعم حسين بكري قزاز
أشهر تاجر عطور في الوطن العربي... وفاة رجل الأعمال السعودي حسين قزاز