Once your veneers are ready, they are bonded on your teeth with a special kind of flue Kings Medical Center is the number one cosmetic dentist institute in the UAE
More and more patients are discovering that a beautiful and bright smile is within their reach with regular dentist procedure I simply wanted to provide you with a quick heads up! If required, your teeth will be filled with a temporary veneer until the permanent one is ready

There are many factors that one should consider before doing any cosmetic makeover If your teeth match any of these conditions that do consult a dentist specialist.

مجمع المسواك لطب الاسنان اكبر مجموعة طبيية متخصصة في طب الاسنان في المملكة العربية السعودية
KMS earned a special Mark in the field of Medical industry
ابتسامة هوليود للرجال
You can get a Hollywood smile if your teeth are dulled, worn, uneven, cracked or beyond repair
إبتسامة هوليود
Everything requires proper care and attention
A Hollywood smile is just a generic term which represents the smile of a Hollywood star Founded in April 2017, Kings Medical Center is considered as a leading healthcare clinic in UAE
In fact, many celebrities nowadays use veneers in front of their natural teeth We always recommend our clients to perform a check-up before doing any cosmetic makeover

Apart from this, the life of your veneers completely depends on how well you take care of your gums and natural teeth.

ابتسامة هوليوود: ما هي فوائدها ومضارها؟
Some normal day items can reduce your veneers life like drinking a lot of coffee and smoking extensively
ابتسامة هوليود للرجال
ماهي ابتسامة هوليود 3D
How Long do Veneers last for Hollywood smile? Veneers are a great solution for getting a perfect Hollywood Smile