This theme also has been reported from the Prophet peace be upon him in Ahadith That is the great attainment
What distinguishes a Prophet from others is that the arguments, however strong and cogent, that others may give for the Hereafter, can at the most make the listener admit that the occurrence of the Hereafter is more reasonable and probable than its absence But when these people reach the Hereafter, they will suddenly wake up to the realization that they had been grievously mistaken and deceived

Ns 39 to 42 of the commentary of that Surah.

تفسير سورة التغابن
Secondly, they presented whatever they presented with rational and clear arguments
اسباب نزول سورة التغابن
At that time in Makkah and in other parts of Arabia a situation that was commonly being experienced was that a man would embrace Islam but his wife and children would not only be disinclined to accept it but would try their best to press him to give up Islam
Surah At
He has not compelled you to either accept or reject the faith
And Allah is All-Knowing about everything La ilaha illa Huwa
They disbelieved and then tasted its evil consequence Of all the names of the Resurrection that occur in the Quran, this name probably is the most meaningful

As for Allah, with Him is a great reward.

تفسير المراغي/سورة التغابن
Although no denier of the Hereafter ever had any means of knowing, nor has he today, nor will he have in the future, that there is no life after death, but these ignorant people have always asserted the same thing, whereas there neither exists any intellectual basis for denying the Hereafter with absolute certainty nor any scientific basis for it
القرآن الكريم/سورة التغابن
Say: By my Lord, it will surely overtake you
سورة التغابن مكتوبة بالرسم العثماني
[64:9] Be mindful of the day He will gather you for the Day of Gathering