I searched for practical tips on letting go and found this book If you're human you want to read this one
This was recommended to me by my therapist and I must say I'm disappointed yet deeply unimpressed I get angry call them a name and I want to retaliate

This book would be about half it's actual length if you cut the lists to manageable size and removed the outlandish claims such as it being able to cure allergies.

خلاصة كتاب (السماح بالرحيل): مبدأ سيحررك من مقولة “من طلب العُلا سهر الليالي” للأبد • زد
given that I haven't seen him make an actual point thus far, this is the height of hypocrisy
السماح بالرحيل : الطريق نحو التسليم by David R. Hawkins
but how to achieve it? But I believe, as with many promised methods of gaining inner peace and freedom, this is not about a quick fix, but a daily - hourly - yearly - consistent practice
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How can an MD completely miss the logic and purpose of negative emotions, ignore their foundation in our childhood and treat them as the cause of all disasters and problems? D in philosophy, Director of the Institute for Spiritual Research teaches the Letting Go technique as a treatment for emotional pain, issues, neurosis, anxiety and depression
Transcend your ego, your pride, and your blind spots Above apathy are fear and anger
The book that explains the actual technique the good Dr Second, think of the similarity between a peanut butter sandwich, a satellite signal, and a thought

Only two or three chapters in I already think this may be his most important work yet.

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As much as I wanted to like this book
تحميل كتاب السماح بالرحيل الطريق نحو التسليم pdf
For a complementary read check out Eckhart Tolles's "The Power of Now"
تحميل كتاب السماح بالرحيل الطريق نحو التسليم pdf
Ultimately the author gets around to lending useful advice and practical wisdom, but be prepared to endure pages and pages of talk about psychic power, energy vibrations and similar concepts