A month later, October 2, 2014, announced Ajram as its Middle East and North Africa at the launch of the smartphone in However, Moussa was shot dead by El Hachem
, which was filmed with the international Italian director Luca Tomassini [ Art stars present a unified message on children's rights - with translation] in Arabic

In 2007, Ajram released her first children's album, , which was the most notable and successful work for children at the time.

Nancy Ajram
Ajram noted that her husband's "reaction to the killer was after intense threatening that took place for almost 6 to 7 minutes"
نانسي عجرم
Other sources reported that the murdered trespasser was born in 1989 in , , Syria, who was married with kids, and used to work as a gardener for El Hachem, hence he broke in with a fake unloaded gun, asking for his unpaid financial dues
نانسى عجرم
By the age of 15, Ajram signed a recording contract with and released her debut studio album 1998
, was a slow composed by Samir Sfeir The event was scheduled to take place in August but was delayed due to the
In a survey done by , Ajram was voted as the "Most Beautiful Mom" of 2009 48 hours later, the TVC reached 1 Million views

"Power of Four" premiered on on November 9, 2017.

نانسي عجرم
According to the forensic pathology report, Al-Moussa was shot 17 times with a pistol: once in the right forearm, twice in the left shoulder, once under the left armpit, three shots in the chest, two shots in the abdomen, seven shots in the back, and one shot in the left thigh
Nancy Ajram
Philanthropy and humanitarian work [ ] Ajram has participated in numerous charity events and concerts that she considers a priority in her music career
نانسى عجرم
However, in early 2003, Ajram rose to fame, propelled by the success of the single, and the release of her third studio album, which was a best-seller