These lines, of course, show off its spacious seating position, which promises a comfortable ride hour after hour The VL name refers to the and "long" frame, 1500 is the approximate metric displacement of the engine, and the LC means Legendary Classic
In 2001, Suzuki presented the VL 800 Volusia as a brand new model year and the bike did stand out as a beautiful cruiser in the true California spirit The idea was to revolutionize the design, comfort but most of all horsepower and torque by using the fuel injection system found on the GSX-R sportbikes

Suzuki Boulevard C50 kept its original features through the few years that passed and 2008 brings the awesome package which still reserves a lot of surprises.

سوزوكي M109R: استعراض ومواصفات دراجة نارية
It did that because, given to its cylinder capacity and amazing powerplant, it offered pure excitement down on the boulevard or out on the highway and it did come cheap either
بوليفارد 1800 ليمتد للبيع
model is equipped with a catalyst for further emission reduction Chassis Features Cradle-type steel frame with color-matched sidecovers, fenders and fuel tank, plus numerous chrome-plated parts Wide, comfortable seat with low 27
بوليفارد 1800 ليمتد للبيع
The bike offers balance mid-sized cruising but it also implements the look and feel of the larger V-twins
5 in In 2005, Suzuki re-branded its lineup of cruisers as its Boulevard series, renaming the VL1500 the Boulevard C90 4 in W: 850 mm 33
9 in Dimensions L: 2,520 mm 99 Big credit was also given to the 45 degree liquid-cooled 805cc V-twin, deep fenders, a fat 17-liter 4

3 in Related Suzuki VL 1400 The Suzuki VL 1500 Intruder LC and Boulevard C90 are with a riding posture, and made by from 1998 to 2004 as the Intruder, and since 2005 as the Boulevard.

Suzuki VL 1500 Intruder LC / Boulevard C90
They also added a 32-bit ECU processing chip and a marginally revised 3
Suzuki VL 1500 Intruder LC / Boulevard C90
After VL production ended with model year 2004, Suzuki replaced the motorcycle in its with the 2005 fuel-injected Boulevard C90, which is being produced as of 2013
سوزوكي M109R: استعراض ومواصفات دراجة نارية
When it comes to the strongest competitor of the Suzuki, apart from the model coming from Honda, the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic really pulls it through and manages to work his way on the top of the list