This smart application, gives you access to your test results immediately and without delay, and allows you to share your health information and test results with your personal doctor or your healthcare providers from your smartphone or from any computer
The report is an extensive analysis with an elaborative explanation about each test done along with health and diet tips in addition to recommendations for doctor consultation if required It is a range of periodic health check programs designed to suit both men and women regardless of their age and health conditions

You can now take advantage of our online services to make appointments and to arrange at-home sampling at competitive prices.

مختبرات البرج الطبية العزيزية مكة
Download the app now on Google Play and Apple Store Through our headquarter in Riyadh and our laboratories which are spread across various Arab and African countries, we seek to provide high-quality services and keep pace with the latest developments in the world of medicine, and we look forward to open more branches in the near future to serve you wherever you are
رابط مختبرات البرج الطبية حجز موعد
At Al Borg Diagnostics, we believe that it is our social responsibility to raise community awareness regarding routine laboratory tests that ensure a better life and a healthier society
عروض مختبرات البرج 2021 في السعودية لجميع البرامج
Al Borg application was launched to be your preferred health partner wherever you are, to keep track of all the tests you have performed, and to help you stay up to date in regards to general health information
Through our Smart report you can monitor your progress from the day you sign up to us with every single result archived under your file name Whether you are traveling or have been in contact with an infected person and want to feel reassured, Al Borg Diagnostics provides reliable testing for COVID-19 as well as rapid testing service throughout its 42 branches in the Kingdom


رقم مختبرات البرج الموحد لمعرفة أحدث العروض، الفحوصات التي يقدمها في الفترة الأخيرة
عناوين فروع مختبر البرج في المملكة العربية السعودية شامل أسعار التحاليل الطبية
اسعار مختبر البرج


رقم مختبرات البرج الموحد لمعرفة أحدث العروض، الفحوصات التي يقدمها في الفترة الأخيرة
مختبرات البرج الطبية العزيزية مكة
مختبرات البرج تعلن فتح باب التوظيف لحملة الثانوية فأعلى بمختلف