About DAWN's culprit gallery: Tyrants need enablers who will implement their oppressive practices, even if it means abusing their fellow citizens He ordered arbitrary pretrial detentions, facilitated systematic pretrial and trial violations, protected those involved in the torture and sexual harassment of detained women activists, presided over the largest "anti-corruption" purge and shakedown of the Saudi business elite, and covered-up the investigation and unfair of 11 of Jamal Khashoggi's killers, while at the same protecting other perpetrators, including the country's Crown Prince
In May 2018, security forces arrested Loujain Alhathloul and additional prominent women's rights activists And in April 2019, security officers arrested more Saudi intellectuals

As Saudi attorney general, Saud al-Mojeb prosecuted numerous peaceful activists, including Islamic scholar Salman Alodah and women's rights activist Loujain Alhathloul, as part of a brutal crackdown on dissent.

سعود المعجب.. نائب ريتز كارلتون وقنصلية الموت
That she could barely sit
Saudi Arabia: Attorney General Saud al
"International organizations and foreign governments should avoid inviting him to participate in events or visits, unless they are designed to address his human rights abuses
Saudi Arabia: Attorney General Saud al
In November 2017, al-Mojeb a purge of Saudi royals and business people, whom security officials detained at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh
al-Mojeb by writing to the Saudi authorities on September 24, 2020, but no response was received by the time of publication The official Saudi Press , the state-controlled al-Jazirah , and other state-controlled outlets made defamatory statements against the in their coverage of the arrests
Four days later, Mohammad bin Salman, who would quickly become the de facto ruler of the country, was appointed Crown Prince DAWN requested a response from Mr

Soon afterwards, al-Mojeb presided over waves of arrests that targeted intellectuals, such as Salman Alodah, academics and human rights activists in September 2017.

سعود المعجب نائب عام حازم لتمدين القضاء السعودي
This was followed by mass arrests of leading business people and royal family members and their detention in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh in November 2017
سعود المعجب نائب عام حازم لتمدين القضاء السعودي
DAWN seeks to disclose the identity of the state agents who enable repression and, to make them recognizable at home and abroad
سعود المعجب.. نائب ريتز كارلتون وقنصلية الموت
The state prosecutor's office, led by Al-Mojeb, brought 37 charges against Alodah one year later and is seeking the death penalty for his peaceful activism and tweets
" Al-Mojeb also played a key role in covering up the gruesome extrajudicial killing of DAWN founder and Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, and hastily the Crown Prince of any responsibility Prison officials mistreated Alodah in detention and deprived him of sleep and necessary medications
"Saud Al-Mojeb's record as one of the most senior law-enforcement officers in Saudi Arabia is a shameful one," said Alaoudh

These agents often mask their complicity in the guise of professionals exercising their duties in offices, courtrooms, police stations, and interrogation rooms.

السعودية: النائب العام سعود المعجب يحاكم النشطاء السلميين ويحمي القتلة
Alhathloul and at least two other women claimed that security officials tortured them by electrocution, sexually assaulted them, and threatened them with rape and death, in addition to subjecting them to verbal abuse
سعود المعجب
That she had marks all over her body
سعود المعجب.. نائب ريتز كارلتون وقنصلية الموت
In his on-going term as attorney general, Al-Mojeb violated not only international law and norms, but also the Saudi national laws which he was hired to enforce