The films change a few things about Cho Chang, including the fact that she's a year older than the trio, but the biggest inconsistencies are in her relationship with Harry Retrieved 17 May 2019
Archived from on 25 July 2011 In Hermione uses the "Oculus Reparo" spell to fix Harry's glasses on the Hogwarts Express

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On 7 April 2016, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at the theme park near ,
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Furthermore, the practice of splitting the finale of a film series into two began with the success of , and it would soon be replicated by and , and and
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After , filming began in October 2000 at and in London itself, with production ending in July 2001
Hooper also composed the soundtrack to but decided not to return for the final films Rowling, though she allowed him what he described as "tremendous elbow room"
Archived from on 22 May 2007 There's been much debate about why the change happened, but it may have just been a creative choice made by Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore in the film, or the director

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To ensure their own safety as well as that of their family and friends, they are forced to isolate themselves
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Heyman stated that Deathly Hallows was "" but released in two feature-length parts
Everything the 'Harry Potter' Films Messed up, Based on the Books
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However, since their intake capacity is limited, you would be able to comfortably explore However, Charlie isn't , so that storyline was completely scrapped
The environment Rowling created is intimately connected to reality A link was included in the bio of the livestream and all the proceeds from the event went to Queens Feeds Hospitals

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It is said to be full of creatures like unicorns and centaurs, while also being home to dark monsters
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To keep Hagrid from getting in trouble with Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, and Hermione help sneak his pet dragon Norbert later renamed Norberta out of his hut and into the Astronomy Tower