He studied at the school of Political Science in Paris and it was there that his political career started The Syrian economy was riddled with problems that included high unemployment, poor harvests and soaring inflation
Lebanon was the first to test French proclamations of independence and on November 8, 1943, the Lebanese parliament voted unanimously to amend the constitution by removing all articles that made mention of the mandatory power Dr Shahbandar had returned to Syria once he and other revolt leaders were amnestied in May 1937

Mardam Bey and al- Jabri were hunted down by the French troops and when they did not find them in parliament, they shelled the Orient Hotel where al-Jabri stayed, and killed a number of foreigners as well as two British officers.

خليل مردم بك
Following his resignation, the National Bloc failed to retain control of government and resigned a month later
Ute Daniel, Peter Gatrell, Oliver Janz, Heather Jones, Jennifer Keene, Alan Kramer
جميل مردم بك.. وزير سوريا الذي استقال قبل الانقلابات
Mardam Bey was one of few National Bloc candidates to win a seat in parliament, where it fell to him to lead the opposition
The American Historical Review: 235 On May 29, 1945, Senegalese troops under French command shelled and raided the parliament building looking for members of government they had been ordered to arrest
They returned to Syria after the French issued amnesties in the summer of 1924 The new French High Commissioner, Maurice Sarail took up his post in January 1925 P, Mac Callum, Elizabeth 1928

Mardam Bey died in Cairo on the 30th March 1960 and was buried in Damascus.

رواية إسرائيلية.. جميل مردم بك رئيس الحكومة السورية بعهد الانتداب
The outbreak of WW1 dramatically changed the dynamics in the Middle East
تجربة منسيّة في تاريخ العلمانيّة
His speech made an impression on Prince Faisal, who asked him join his delegation
جميل مردم بك.. وزير سوريا الذي استقال قبل الانقلابات
The British proclamation echoed that of the French
Protest at French action reverberated as the Syrian delegation in San Francisco for the opening of the United Nations and the newly formed Arab league sounded the alarm Mardam Bey issued a declaration in 1954 that he had officially retired from public life
Nationalists during the Second World War [ ] A banquet held by of Egypt at in Cairo in 1945 In exchange for independence and recognition as a member of the League of Nations to be granted within 3 years of treaty ratification France was given economic, and military privileges in Syria

The remaining two were Amir Mustafa al Shihabi and Edmond Homsi.

رواية إسرائيلية.. جميل مردم بك رئيس الحكومة السورية بعهد الانتداب
The trial of the accused persons began in December, 1940
صحيفة جميل مردم بك رئيس الحكومة السورية في عهد الانتداب كان عميلا مزدوجا
Backed by the British, Prince entered Damascus on October 3 and was made head of an Arab military administration which comprised the interior of Syria from Aqaba to Aleppo
On the domestic front, National Bloc leaders were repeatedly frustrated in their attempts to broker a treaty with France and on January 27, 1936, Jamil Mardam Bey, on behalf of the National Bloc, called for a General Strike to be maintained till constitutional life was restored to Syria