, 26—27, 30—43 and 356—60 Fighters were from , , , and
In The Oxford history of Islam A History of Islamic Societies 2nd ed

Islamic History: A New Interpretation.

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From November 1984 to May 1988, Gholamreza Jaafari was its commander, after whom Mohammad Mirjani commanded the unit for two months
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The division proved to be capable during the war
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It played a major role in the initial successful stages of The division was merged with the Basij of to form the Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib Corps of Qom Province during the rearrangement of the IRGC units in 2008
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In the fourth phase of the , was appointed as the new commander of the brigade.

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Its commander was initially Morteza Saffari, who later became the deputy of Fajr Headquarters and was replaced by Hassan Darvish
سؤال عن المسبح ؟ [الأرشيف]
, 26—27, 30—43 and 356—60
ماهي أيام التشريق ولماذا سميت بهذا الاسم
The Charismatic Community: Shi'ite Identity in Early Islam
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It covered , , , and provinces

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"The Succession to Muhammad: A Study of the Early Caliphate by Wilferd Madelung"
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