Suchet played Joe Keller and Wanamaker played his wife Kate Keller is afraid that his contracts with the army will be cancelled and his business will be ruined
Chris tells his father that he and Annie are getting married, and Joe seems unaffected by this news, as though he has something more important to tell Chris משיחתה עם קייט אנו מבינים שהיא מאמינה שלארי מת ושהיא מוכנה להמשיך הלאה ולהינשא לכריס

He also believes that one should be guided by the noblest principles, and.

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During the visit, Steve told George his version of what had happened that day in the factory, and convinced him that his version was the true one
All My Sons Act I Summary and Analysis
קייט קלר האם קייט היא בתחילת שנות החמישים שלה
אך כאשר האמת יוצאת לאור, ג'ו מצדיק את מעשיו בטענה שהוא עשה זאת למען משפחתו The play introduces the Keller family Joe Keller, his wife Kate and their son Chris , a well-to-do family that lives in the suburbs of an American town in a comfortable house that provides a sense of security
Joe Keller is a character who believes that the material gain, the money, those things are the things which reflect his success in life She refuses to believe that Larry is dead and maintains that Ann Deever — who returns for a visit at the request of Larry's brother Chris — is still "Larry's girl" and also believes that he is coming back

כמו כן הוא הוסרט פעמיים.

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כשאביו יורה בעצמו, הוא נמלא ברגשות אשמה וחרטה
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אשתו של ג'ו, קייט, מאמינה עם זאת שבנה לארי עדיין בין החיים אם כי נראה כי היא היחידה המאמינה בכך
All My Sons by Arthur Miller
For over three years he has placed the blame on his partner and former neighbor, Steve Deever, although he himself committed the crime