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Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose can lead to more than just dry tongues and palates

See Schendel, Steven; Bell, William Harrison; Eisenfeld, Jerome; Miselevich, David; Epker, William 1976.

عملية تجميل الوجه الطويل
عملية تجميل الوجه الطويل
In addition, it is important to appreciate that many children with OSA have dentofacial abnormalities such as maxillomandibular constriction, maxillomandibular deficiency, and long face syndrome
عملية تجميل الوجه الطويل
"Multilevel Coblation Therapy of OSA in Long Face Syndrome"
Holohan, Ellin May 5, 2010 Krishnan, Vinod; Davidovitch, Ze'ev March 18, 2004
Chronic mouth breathers, most often children with allergies, have problems getting enough oxygen into their blood, which affects their size, weight, sleep and even school performance


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