At least on the page, where anything is possible, I wanted to give Ivan even while captive behind the walls of his tiny cage a voice of his own and a story to tell One night, the janitor's daughter, Julia, gives Ivan some finger paints and it gives him an idea
Stella gets another infection in her foot and she dies because Mack never calls the vet While he socializes well with his female companions, and is even observed mating with the flirtatious Kinyani, Ivan sires no offspring

Ivan, a real gorilla, lived at Zoo Atlanta, but on the way to that happy ending, he spent almost three decades without seeing another of his own kind before being moved to Zoo Atlanta in 1994.

The One and Only Ivan (2020)
I wanted to give him someone to protect, and the chance to be the mighty silverback he was always meant to be
The Real Ivan from The One and Only Ivan
The One and Only Ivan is a work of fiction, but the inspiration for this imagined tale lies with a true story
The Real Ivan from The One and Only Ivan
Zoo Atlanta already had established leadership in the care and study of western lowland gorillas, and in particular, had already been successful in the socialization of another longtime solitary gorilla, the beloved late
He will not go outdoors again for nearly 30 years When Stella dies, Ivan makes a promise to save her young friend, Ruby, from a life of captivity
The female dies soon after their arrival, and he spends his early years as a pet in a human household As of 2020, 24 gorillas have been born at Zoo Atlanta since the opening of The Ford African Rain Forest in 1988

Ivan was a cherished member of the Zoo Atlanta population from 1994 until his passing on August 20, 2012, at the age of 50.

The Real Ivan from The One and Only Ivan
Stella takes charge of Ruby, mothering her in absence of Ruby's own mother
Zoo Atlanta offered Ivan not only this legacy of leadership, but also a new home in the landmark Ford African Rain Forest, a series of naturalistic habitats where he would have the chance to explore the outdoors for the first time in more than 25 years
The Zoo still receives many letters and greetings about him and for him, and he remains one of the most asked-about individuals ever to live at Zoo Atlanta
Ivan lives in a stationary circus with Stella the elephant and Bob, the stray dog In this novel, Ivan is a silverback gorilla who lives in a stationary circus
Sunlight, trees, grass and fresh air are sensory enrichment he has not experienced since 1967 Protestors come and then an inspector

A short time later, Julia comes to visit.

The One and Only Ivan (2020)
Reporters come in response to the billboard
The One and Only Ivan Summary & Study Guide
Although only 5, he is already too large, strong and boisterous for life with a human family
The Real Ivan from The One and Only Ivan
One day the owner of the circus buys a new elephant, a baby named Ruby