Gazzaz maisons and showrooms have for over sixty years been the destinations of choice for discerning fashionistas and beauty lovers Each one of them constitutes an architectural masterpieces, supported by a rich history and unsurpassed market recognition
the initial small showroom in Bab Ziyadah Mecca, has culminated in a chain of 25 unrivalled standalone maisons and showrooms throughout Saudi Arabia

Consequently his name became synonymous with beauty and luxury.

المايسترو العراقي
Seventy years ago Sheikh Hussein Bakry Gazzaz commenced his business activities in his beloved field since childhood, that being perfumes
مؤسسة باشماخ للخدمات العامة وعنوانها السليمانيه, جدة.
Then he ambitiously expanded the scope to include therein the cosmetics and gift items, thus he was constantly adding new products and innovations, keeping abreast of a dream that he was determined to realized
سعد باشماخ للعود والعطورات
In his endeavours, he has been ceaselessly dynamic, recognizing no boundaries for the fragrance market… always settings new goals to accomplish


دار عبد العزيز السيف للعطور Abdulaziz AlSaif house of Perfumes
سعد باشماخ للعود والعطور الرياض
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فيديو موشن مع الصوت عشر ثواني
يناير 2017
المايسترو العراقي