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There are plenty of online Arab spaces where LGBT people are vilified and their existence constantly scrutinized, this does not have to be one of them 5s ease-out; -o-transition: all 0

Posts like this only serve to produce outrage and indulge in the worst and most toxic aspect of an online community - circlejerking in self-righteous rage and frenzied mob mentality.

قف شامخا ... المهندس غازي الجمل : arabs
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ابو حجر الاعلامي
com find submissions from "example
قف شامخاً مثل المآذن طولا الشاعر غازي الجمل
If you must argue, argue in good faith
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قصيدة .. من روائع الشاعر الكبير غازي الجمل
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مقال ل أنور الصوفي: قف شامخاً مثل المآذن طولاً
ones you took yourself, are allowed
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قصيدة .. من روائع الشاعر الكبير غازي الجمل
— belong in the open discussion threads