Siren feasts: a history of food and gastronomy in Greece The cheese is best known today through an insult in 's 1597
Haloumi, or halumi, is a mild salty Cypriot cheese made from goat's, ewe's, or cow's milk Bousfield, Jonathan 1 April 2010


"Halloumi: exporting to retain traditional food products"
جبن فيتا لايت
Udruzenje Okusi Hercegovinu — Promocija tipicnih hercegovackih proizvoda
جبن فيتا لايت
- Feta's history, production and conservation methods, and recipes
Cyprus has managed to secure EU recognition of halloumi as a traditional cheese of Cyprus; therefore no other country may export cheese of the same name com Retrieved 24 February 2008
"Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology" Fabricant, Florence 24 April 2017

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Protected Designation of Origin entry on the European Commission website
جبن فيتا لايت
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السعرات الحرارية في الجبنة الفيتا