In any case, the return request must be executed within 14 days after delivery What if my product is faulty defective?
Please call our Customer Service 01111124400 We will examine the case to verify the defectiveness and get back to you as soon as possible What if I was sent the wrong item? We apologize for any inconvenience

Please note that if the product returned does not match the conditions above, it will be rejected and will be shipped back to you.

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After approval by our After Sales department, you will be able to proceed to: Exchange your order with another Ricrac product, or get a refund, cash or bank transfer 1
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Please call our Customer Service to proceed with the return process conditions above apply
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What if I changed my mind? Please call our Customer Service; we will guide you through the return process conditions above apply
Order Receiving Policy If you have any questions regarding the current status of your order you can call our customer service at 01111124400 from 10am to 6pm


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