A Ten-Year Pause in Fashion Career Coco had a love affair with Walther Friedrich Schellenberg, German SS-Brigadeführer, during the WW II From 1926 to 1930, the Duke of Westminster was her most welcomed guest
She got back in touch with the Wertheimers, who had purchased a major stake in her empire in the 1920s and are looking after the Chanel brand today During these years, she created the Pink Chanel suit

Alas, the critics failed to understand that this was precisely the secret of her: nothing new, only an eternal, timeless elegance.

The Troubling Truth About Coco Chanel
It was the place where Coco began making and selling her hats
Who Is Coco Chanel? 12 Facts About the Iconic Designer
Coco settled in his bachelor apartment on the Malesherbes Boulevard in Paris where he usually had fun with his girlfriends
Coco Chanel Biography: The Woman Who Changed The World Of Fashion
Chanel designed skirt below the knee with pockets where a businesswoman could put a cigarette case
Chanel is often attributed to a quote that states a girl "should two things, classy and fabulous While Goldwyn and Coco did work on a few films together, their collaboration didn't receive much appreciation from critics
Once Picasso called her the most sensible woman in the world Beyoncé was nearly naked in Givenchy

The idea to mix crystals and natural stones in a single product came not only to her.

The Troubling Truth About Coco Chanel
Coco was revered by others, and she was responsible for occasionally kick-starting trends without even meaning to
Coco Chanel
Coco learned many new ideas from her exotic lover
Who Is Coco Chanel? 12 Facts About the Iconic Designer
She was intrigued and started singing at these events, eventually earning herself a slot