We are determined to build a thriving country in which all citizens can fulfill their dreams, hopes and ambitions The Kingdom is leading worldwide in fifth generation technology Saudi Arabia has ranked first worldwide in internet speed of fifth-generation technology
We commit ourselves to providing world class government services which effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our citizens The book has also elevated the relationship of history with the story through the visions existing in the minds of the characters within the novel, and the vision of the narrator and its narratives

But our real wealth lies in the ambition of our people and the potential of our younger generation.

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Together we will continue building a better country, fulfilling our dream of prosperity and unlocking the talent, potential, and dedication of our young men and women
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less Supervisor — Almoushraf This book is the first narrative experience of the journalist Obeid al-Suhaimi, which was published by Meskliani house in Tunisia
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More than Ladders — Akthar min Salalim The story revolves around two girls, one of whom gets out of a short love experience to a deeper and more mature one, and moves from Riyadh to Los Angeles on a journey of self-exploration
We are determined to reinforce and diversify the capabilities of our economy, turning our key strengths into enabling tools for a fully diversified future This is a piece worthy of celebration, because it celebrates fiction and history together, and the intersection birthed has formed dimensions and connotations, and raised questions of creativity, space, time and reality
All success stories start with a vision, and successful visions are based on strong pillars And why does she have this spell over him? We will encourage our major corporations to expand across borders and take their rightful place in global markets

As we continue to give our army the best possible machinery and equipment, we plan to manufacture half of our military needs within the Kingdom to create more job opportunities for citizens and keep more resources in our country.

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There are no excuses for us to stand still or move backwards
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Ghada Aboud, the author, reason for writing about the mental disorder is due to the immensity in how it has been romanticized and often connected to genius or talent
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He had spent the happiest moments of his life by her side