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The arts of ornamental design and miniature are also very popular.

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John Robert Colombo 1 January 1984
Tat people (Caucasus)
Navarrini, Walter; Venturini, Francesco; Tortelli, Vito; Basak, Soubir; Pimparkar, Ketan P
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"EHS Concerns with Ozonated Water Spray Processing"
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They are in the environs of a city that Anushiravan built near the wall of Darband Russian Journal of General Chemistry

"Appendix 3: Ethnic Composition of the Caucasus: Historical Population Statistics".

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American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Tat people (Caucasus)
In the year 1888 A
Tat people (Caucasus)
In his work Caucasian Jews-Mountaineers he came to the conclusion that the Mountain Jews were representatives of the Iranian family of the Tats, which had adopted Judaism in Iran and later moved to the South Caucasus
In: FIAT final report 838, 15 The Tats are part of the indigenous peoples of in the Caucasus
Tats and Mountain Jews [ ] Main article: The "Mountain Jews" belong to the community of Persian-speaking Jews Arts like -making, hand-, metal manufacture, and are highly developed

Australia and New Zealand Health Policy.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English
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Traditional Tat female clothes are a long shirt, wide trousers worn outside, a slim line dress, outer unbuttoned dress, headscarf, and "Moroccan" stockings
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1, Fall—Winter 2002, "Falling for Niagara", pp