It includes hyper market as the largest commercial area within the mall These projects are trending naturally to new neighborhoods that could facilitate starting in establishment applying the very successful American experiment
Such easy and comfortable compounds has become attractive for customers

It is characterized by its comprehensiveness of parking surrounding the mall.

شباب يتحرشون بفتاة أمام تيرا مول بالطائف.. أمطروها بإشارات وعبارات خادشة للحياء
Strip mall appeared in Saudi as a new desired look by all parties as the major companies of real estate, famous retail companies and fast food restaurants snap up it
تيرا مول :الموقع، المحلات، المطاعم والمقاهي، أوقات العمل، وتقييم الزوار
Several malls of strip mall famous for USA as the first cities that know this kind of commercial compounds in the fresh air within longitudinally arranged stores not under a ceiling of multi-storey facility
تيرا مول
So the idea of Tera Mall was the biggest strip mall in the area in a size of 75
Hyper market, large exhibits, several commercial stores, restaurants, cafes and large entertainment city and large parking are provided In Taif characterized by its beautiful climate within new Mokatat Al Baiaa and Nahez in housing projects with high intensity
Tera Mall and the culture of strip mall Strip mall is defined as a mall including a number of fields designed according to advanced architectural Tera mall was designed with architectural interfaces like Paris

It meets very vital commercial streets.

تيرا مول الطائف
شباب يتحرشون بفتاة أمام تيرا مول بالطائف.. أمطروها بإشارات وعبارات خادشة للحياء
السياحة في السعودية: استمتعي بالفن المعماري الفرنسي في تيرا مول، المجمع التجاري الأكبر في الطائف