56 billion to buy 35 percent• The reason why workers cannot leave the country is because they need to have a valid exit clearance to be able to leave, which only the management can provide Their lack of mobility due to lack of a valid permit also prevents these workers from going to the nearest embassy or consulate to seek help
Most workers have already resigned from their jobs and filed for their exit clearances If caught, they will be given prison sentences

Some workers continue to rely on food donations from some community groups and embassy personnel.

شركة “سعودي أوجيه” تعلن إفلاسها وتسرح جميع موظفيها
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This would entail enormous costs given the immigration penalties involved per worker
شركة سعودي اوجيه المحدودة ... مركز البناء للمشاريع المرموقة
However, the company could not provide airplane tickets, end of service benefits, and most importantly salaries which have resulted in their dire situation as stranded workers
After struggling for a long period, Saudi Oger closed down on 31 July 2017 Business lines [ ] The Oger Telecommunications subsidiary provides fixed-line and mobile communication, and Internet services in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and South Africa
Company cars were overturned, housing units burned to the ground, and pickets have continued The company had recently shut down the canteen for foreign workers

Saudi Oger was a private company, wholly owned by the family.

لماذا أغلقت «سعودي أوجيه» أبوابها؟
The French government appealed to the government of Saudi Arabia to assist 200 distressed French employees of Saudi Oger
لماذا أغلقت «سعودي أوجيه» أبوابها؟
Only their employers can renew the expired permits
بيع أرض بحي حطين بقيمة تجاوزت المليار ريال